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Dancing Classes

KiX Dance Studio offers different types of dance classes including ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, acrobatics, musical theatre and tap dance.

All dance techniques are taught bearing in mind the pace and attention every student needs. We welcome students of all age groups to our fun and energetic classes, where they can learn different dance styles and express their creativity.

"Learn different dancing styles in our fun and energetic classes"


KiX Dance Studio welcomes pre-schoolers to learn ballet, jazz and tap in a fun and educational atmosphere. In our 45 minute class, we teach the basics of different dance styles to small children through fun activities.

This 45 minute class introduces these very young boys and girls aged 3-5 the basics of ballet, jazz and tap styles to familiar music such as nursery rhymes, Disney classics and other popular pre-school artists. Children will learn dance through fun and creative activities which will include, but not limited to, song, role playing, props and story telling. In this class children will love trying to balance, have fun learning how to run like a dancer on their tippy toes, and use lots of energy lifting their knees up high while skipping around the room. Children may be asked to play catch with bean bags or pick up “diamonds”  (shhh...they’re actually just feathers) from the ground to help develop their hand-eye coordination. The children will learn about warming up and stretching during their class as well.

In the tap part of the class  your child will be learning super fun basic tap skills in an imaginative way while also playing with instruments to help promote rhythm and timing. They will learn steps including toe-heel, heel-toe, stamps and shuffles as well as making as much noise finding their voice while singing in our fun, safe and educational environment.

This class is suitable for both boys and girls who are having so much fun that they don't even realise that they are learning the fundamentals of ballet, jazz and tap technique along the way.

Our experienced dance teachers know how to give your child personalised attention so that they can progress at their own pace.

Concerts are optional.

KiX is a Registered Member of IMAGINE “A Place To Be Me” – Australian Teachers Of Dancing Pre-school Program.



These classes are offered to primary aged children. Level depending on age and ability. Classes vary from 90 minutes to 3 hours.

Ballet, jazz and tap are offered as a composite class. 

KiX has 6 levels for Primary School aged children. 

Throughout these levels the main focus being on improving flexibility, building strength, technique and confidence in each of ballet, jazz and tap styles. Core strength being a very important part of developing technique, at KiX we ensure that this is a fundamental part of each class and intruduce exercises that are alot of fun for a child while doing this.

The ballet component of the class follows an examination level. Correct alignment of the body and posture being taught from day one. We believe in correcting technique in a positive manner. Your child will progress through the levels as they (bodies) are ready. To build strength required for ballet a second fun conditioning and technique class for young children is available. At Silver classical examination level students are encouraged to take a minimum of two classical classes per week to build strength required for progression through higher levels.

Each jazz class comprises of a warm up followed by strength and flexibility exercises before moving onto the learning of a skill. Their dance skill vocabulary will be built up throughout the year, ensuring that all children are working at their own pace.

The fundamentals of tap technique are taught, ensuring a child understands the mechanics of each tap movement.


KiX uses the Australian Teachers of Dancing syllabus of training for examinations, which is comprehensive in all genre and is updated regularly to keep up with changing trends in dance.

Students will work towards examinations and learn routines for Exhibition Day in the first half of the year. Whilst examinations are not compulsory they are encouraged as they build self confidence, improve technique and students have a goal that they are working towards.

In the second half of the year students will learn routines for the concert. Song is also included in these classes.


These classes are for high school and above aged students who wish to work towards completing classical examinations. Students are working on Silver and above ATOD examination levels. As part of their classical syllabus, classes will include neo-classical, character and national dance. Once students reach Gold examination level they should attend a minimum of two classes per week if they would like to continue with their classical examinations and three classes per week to progress onto pointe. Pointe preparation forms a part of the second and third classes taken. Students may also continue to take classical classes once per week, but not sit the examination, however they will still have benifits that dance has to offer including being a part of routines and performances.


These classes are for high school and above aged students who wish to work towards completing jazz examinations. It is preferred that jazz students will also participate in a classical class. Students are working on Silver and above ATOD examination levels. As part of their jazz syllabus, classes will possibly include some lyrical, hip hop and musical theatre styles as well.


These classes are for high school and above aged students who wish to work towards completing tap examinations. Students are working on Silver and above ATOD examination levels. As part of their tap syllabus, classes will include tap in it's various styles including street tap.


This is an open classical class for advanced classical students who have completed a minimum of ATOD equivalent Gold Medal Classical Ballet. This class includes barre, centre and dance as well as pointe.​ This is a 1.5 hour class.


This is an open jazz class for advanced jazz students who have completed a minimum of ATOD equivalent Gold Medal Jazz Moves. In this class students will warm up, participate in strength exercises and stretch. This calss also includes jazz technique and varied routines throughout the year.

This is a 1.5 hour class.​

An extra 30 minutes is added for students who wish to learn a hip hop routine as well.


This is an open tap class for advanced tap students who have completed a minimum of ATOD equivalent Gold Medal Tap. This class will include traditional tap and street tap. This is a 45 minute class.​


Open casual adult classes (no registration fees) are offered in ballet/jazz and tap. Great for flexibility, strength and general fitness.

The ballet/jazz class will include barre (teaching alignment of the body and posture), centre work where students where learn how to turn (spotting) and jump. Students will work on a variety of jazz routies at the the end of each class throughout the year. It is a 1.5 hour class.



At KiX Dance Studio we welcome you to our contemporary dance classes which promote self-expression and physical fitness. Contemporary classes are a 45 minute class focusing on comtemporary dance. We are offereing three levels this year. Junior, Intermediate and Senior.


Conditioning is a very imporatant aspect of dance, this ensures that our dancers have the strength to build their skill level in all genre. KiX uses the "Progressing Ballet Technique Program" in separate conditioning classes as well during many of it's composite classes as part of the classical component. It intruduces this technique, to help build core strength, improve turnout and help with posture, from the primary school age groups.

contemporary dance forms

"Conditioning is the core to a strong, graceful dancer"

"Contemporary dance forms that promote your self-expression"


Classes for primary school aged children. This funky fun class for boys and girls will start with a warm up and stretch and then move into a routine. Children will work on hip hop technique and skills, learning how to pop and isolate to master the aesthetics of the hip hop style. In 2018 four classes are offered including a boys only primary level class on Wednesday nights.


This class is an open class for teenagers and young adults who may be beginner to intermediate level in jazz. In this class students will warm up and stretch and then work on jazz, commercial jazz and hip hop dance throughout the year. This fast moving energetic class is great for general flexibility and fitness of a growing body. This is a 1 hour class. 


Classes for primary school aged boys and girls. Acrobatic moves are now incorporated into many dance routines. Students will warm up and work through exercises to improve on strength required for each acrobatic skill. They will start with the learning of the basic AcroDance positions, then move onto preparing for forward and backward rolls, bridges, handstands and cartwheels. As they progress they will have fun trying skills with partners. KiX has three levels in 2018. 


At KiX Dance Studio, we offer two age appropriate musical theatre classes to primary and early high school aged students. In this class students will work on vocal exercises to improve their voice. Students will take on rolls to perform mini drama skits. Basic dance using correct technique will be taught to enhance a song number. These three (vocal, drama and dance) skills are all required for a well rounded musical theatre performer. Students will participate/perform in the KiX mid year exhibition and end of year concert. I would love to see your child find their voice.


At KiX Dance Studio, we offer private and group singing lessons to students of all ages. Our professional teachers are dedicated to assisting you in all aspects of your vocal training. Our aim is to help you become comfortable with your own voice and be able to perform different styles of singing.

Why learn singing from us?

  • Students can participate in concerts
  • Experienced teachers


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