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Jazz and Tap Dance Classes in Heathmont

KiX Dance Studio offers jazz and tap dance classes in Heathmont.

We welcome kids, teens and adults into our studio.

Jazz Dance Classes

Jazz is a great form of fitness and exercise for both youngsters and adults. At KiX Dance Studio we provide a spacious studio where students are free to express themselves, build their self-confidence and develop their dance style.

Enrol in our teen and adult jazz dance sessions today to enhance your movement and flexibility.

Jazz and Tap Dance Classes Heathmont

Comprehensive jazz syllabus to build strength

Tap Dance Classes

KiX Dance Studio offers composite classes which also include tap and song, in the younger levels.

With a team of experienced dance teachers, we encourage the passion of each student by teaching them from basic techniques to the most intricate steps.

Broadway and street tap styles are taught at KiX

We also offer the following classes:

  • Ballet
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Hip-Hop
  • Musical Theatre
  • Acrobatics
  • Singing

KiX Dance Studio

89 Canterbury Road Heathmont

0418 593 813

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