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Singing Lessons in Heathmont

KiX Dance Studio teaches singing and dancing.

Our studio is located in Heathmont.

Musical Theatre

At KiX Dance Studio, we offer musical theatre classes to primary and early high school aged students.

This class offers vocal, drama and basic dance training in a group setting.

Singing Lessons Heathmont

Study musical theatre to bring out the performer in you

Private and Group Singing Lessons

At KiX Dance Studio, we offer private and group singing lessons to students of all ages. Our professional teacher is dedicated to assisting you in all aspects of your vocal training.

Our aim is to help you become comfortable with your own voice and be able to perform different styles of songs.


Learn how to sing with technical vocal training sessions

Why learn singing from us?

  • Students can participate in concerts
  • Experienced teachers

KiX Dance Studio

89 Canterbury Road Heathmont

0418 593 813

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